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About Midwest Psychological Associates

Dr. McGravey has been working with children, adolescents, and young adults since 2010.  She currently specializes in comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations to assess learning, cognition, and mental health.  She believes in using a strengths-based approach to assessment and report writing and makes recommendations that are feasible for schools and families to implement.

Neuropsychological evaluations can provide diagnoses to help determine how a person learns and why a person might be struggling.  They examine learning style or IQ, executive functions and attention, different aspects of memory, and mental health.  Recommendations provided in the evaluation reports can be used to access school services, get accommodations at work or school, and/or participate in community resources.

When you book a neuropsychological evaluation, you are booking three appointments.  The first is a 60-90 minute virtual initial evaluation, where Dr. McGravey will learn about you or your child's background, development, and the reason for the evaluation.  The second is a 3-5 hour testing appointment.  This is done in person.  The final session is a 45 minute feedback appointment that will be conducted via Telehealth.  The results will be shared and discussed at this appointment.  It's a great opportunity to ask questions and review any concerns that came up during the evaluation process.  

Dr. Kate McGravey


Tablet Learning
Therapy Session

Neuropsychological Evaluation

Initial evaluation, testing, and feedback session are included in the price.  Dr. McGravey is in-network for Optum, Cigna, and Aetna (starting June 2023).  Most insurance companies will reimburse clients for medically necessary assessments.  


Dr. McGravey provides therapy to select young adult patients using Telehealth services.  The cost is $125/session although Dr. McGravey offers a sliding scale for patients who need therapy and who cannot get reimbursed by insurance.

IEP Consultation Services

Managing the special education process can be confusing for those who have never been through it.  Dr. McGravey, who worked in public schools for 12 years, will help you review testing reports, progress notes, and IEP documents.  Her IEP review packages start at $300 for a record review and 60 minute meeting.  Additional time can be added for cases that are ongoing, complex, or litigious.

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